⚡️ Meet the Knowvember Brands: TENZING Natural Energy

The Knowvember Campaign x Following the Footprints

As part of our partnership with the Knowvember campaign, we’re profiling each of the seven founding brand partners. Taking a stance for climate transparency, each brand knows and shows the climate footprints of their products - making it easier than ever for consumers to make informed and climate conscious choices.

⚡️ BRAND: TENZING Natural Energy

Mission: TENZING: energy for a new generation of people no longer willing to compromise on their body or the planet.

Status: Carbon Negative

Targets: 70% recycled aluminium in our cans by 2023 - we currently use 50% recycled aluminium. Net Zero emissions by 2030.

⚡️ Can you describe one way you've reduced your product carbon footprint?

We started to move to a domestic production model whereby we make our cans in the country they're sold ie. we now produce our British cans in the UK and our Dutch cans in the Netherlands. You can learn more in our previous interview with Following the Footprints!

⚡️ What steps will you have to take to achieve the target you mention above?

The first step was understanding our impact before we could even start to understand how we could reduce it. In 2020, we started working with CarbonCloud to calculate and track our product's carbon footprints. Together with analysis from ThePlanetMark, we were able to identify the carbon footprint of our business and our products so that we could double offset the emissions we can't reduce right now, making us Carbon Negative. Our work with CarbonCloud also allowed us to identify the areas we needed to improve on in order to reduce our emissions eg. our recycled aluminium and in turn has informed us on what our targets for the years ahead need to be.

⚡️ You've put a lot of energy into engaging your consumers in reducing their carbon footprint. Why is this important to you?

One person or one brand won't be able to reverse or slow climate change. BUT, we are fortunate enough to have an engaged community who, if we arm them with the tools do so, have the ability to reduce their carbon footprint and impact on the planet. That's why we do all we can to educate, encourage and engage our community on this topic.

⚡️ Why do you feel like it was important for you to join the Knowvember movement?

Knowvember is simple: choose brands that know their carbon footprint. We wanted to create an annual challenge to encourage people to shopping more climate consciously and demonstrate what it takes for this to become the norm in-store. This isn’t about shaming brands who haven’t yet established their carbon footprint, it’s about shining a light on the need for knowing your impact and sharing it with the world. Shoppers have a right to carbon information, to enable them to make climate-conscious decisions and this month we’re showcasing some of the brands that share our mission for climate transparency.

Learn more about the Knowvember campaign at www.know-vember.com.