⚡️ Meet the Knowvember Brands: Little Freddie

The Knowvember Campaign x Following the Footprints

As part of our partnership with the Knowvember campaign, we’re profiling each of the seven founding brand partners. Taking a stance for climate transparency, each brand knows and shows the climate footprints of their products - making it easier than ever for consumers to make informed and climate conscious choices.

⚡️ BRAND: Little Freddie

Mission: When it comes to baby food, Little Freddie believe children deserve better. From the quality of their ingredients to the future of their planet, everything we do here, we do to give them the best in life. As the UK’s first carbon negative baby food brand, we are continuously looking for ways in which we can reduce our environmental impact. Sharing our climate footprint has allowed us to identify further areas for improvement and has brought us closer to our mission of becoming a business that gives more than it takes.

Status: Carbon Negative

Targets: We are the UK’s first carbon negative baby food brand, which means we double offset our emissions every year. Our Big Green Plan has 20 ambitious target that will reduce our UK environmental impact and deliver six of the UN’s SDGs by 2025. All with the aim of being a brand that gives more than it takes.

⚡️ Can you describe one way you've reduced your product carbon footprint?

We’ve only just started using CarbonCloud in the last few months, but this has already allowed us to identify where we can make changes to ‘climate-optimise’ our production process. We can see that emissions from freight transport is an area for us to tackle, so we’re now working on alternative routes and modes of transport to reduce our carbon emissions as we move our ingredients and baby food around the world, for example using multi-modal transport (rail, road and sea) as opposed to just road.

⚡️ What steps will you have to take to achieve the target you mention above?

To reduce our emissions, we aim to take a holistic approach, assessing every parts of the UK business from transportation to packaging so that we are continuously reducing our climate footprint every year. Since 2019 we have achieved half of our targets outlined in our Big Green Plan, these include sending zero-food waste to landfill and donating 100% of our surplus foods to charity partners.

⚡️ Minimising what's sent to landfill is a critical issue for consumer goods brands. How are you striving for a zero-waste brand?

Little Freddie is the UK’s first baby food brand to make all its packaging recyclable. Since launching our pouch recycling scheme with British recycler Enval in 2018, over 680,000 pouches have been saved from landfill. The scheme has since expanded to include all baby food brand packaging as well as our own snack packaging. Using prepaid recyclable recycling bags customers can post their empty baby food pouches and snack packaging directly via their local postbox. Using first of its kind technology, Enval can recycle everything into reusable materials, leaving nothing to landfill.

⚡️ Why do you feel like it was important for you to join the Knowvember movement?

We recognised that our parents wanted more support in understanding how they could do their bit to help the environment. In working with CarbonCloud, we can provide a footprint that is easy for consumers to understand and therefore empower them to make better decisions that will benefit the planet. As a brand, we want to promote climate transparency and to showcase the steps we have taken to understand our own footprint, whilst inviting others in the industry and beyond to join us in quantifying their own impact.

Learn more about the Knowvember campaign at www.know-vember.com.