⚡️ Meet the Knowvember Brands: DAME

The Knowvember Campaign x Following the Footprints

As part of our partnership with the Knowvember campaign, we’re profiling each of the seven founding brand partners. Taking a stance for climate transparency, each brand knows and shows the climate footprints of their products - making it easier than ever for consumers to make informed and climate conscious choices.


Status: Climate Positive

Targets: We are certified Carbon Neutral Plus (offsetting twice as much carbon as we produce), and are planning to be Net Zero by 2030.

⚡️ Can you describe one way you've reduced your product carbon footprint?

Using surplus, offcut or reused packaging for all our postage needs.

⚡️ What steps will you have to take to achieve the target you mention above?

Switching to suppliers powered by renewable energy, using land and sea transport and not air freight.

⚡️ Your product is designed to reduce a consumer's footprint. Can you quantify the impact you've had?

Our reusable products save up to 40x carbon each.

⚡️ Why do you feel like it was important for you to join the Knowvember movement?

Our planet is in the fight of its life and carbon is the enemy. DAME believes it is up every company, big or small, to understand the challenge ahead and how best to tackle it. By taking the time to calculate its carbon emissions, a business is taking time to look at its supply chain and learn where key hotspot areas are. If we all did this, and made a few quick wins, our planet stands the best possible chance.

Learn more about the Knowvember campaign at www.know-vember.com.