Introducing: 'Impact Initiatives' - in partnership with Ensight

From Daye to Dalston’s Soda, TENZING Natural Energy to Evolve Beauty - we’re interviewing 10 incredible ‘Impact Champions’ from 10 different brands.

Ensight and Following the Footprints are partnering on a 10 part series digging into the ‘Impact Initiatives’ of 10 consumer goods brands, who are taking steps to reduce their environmental footprint.

The plan? To can share their methods, learnings and resources with you.

The goal of this series is to remove the mystery that surrounds becoming a more sustainable business. By breaking down the different sustainability journeys of 10 high performing brands, we hope to make the road to sustainability more transparent and leave readers with both actionable resources and the intense optimism that change can be achieved.

Why is this needed?

Recent research by NatWest showed that 85% of Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) bosses say that they believe that their customers want them to embrace sustainability. Thats big, and gradually all businesses are realising - willingly or not - that this focus on sustainability isn’t going anywhere, and customers do care.

Embracing sustainability is leading more and more companies to include environmental and social impact measurements in their reporting. Many businesses are focusing on a “triple bottom line” accounting system, which includes environmental and social results alongside financial ones.

Like all good accountants, consumers are demanding transparency in these areas. To a company, transparency might sound scary - but it’s actually great for business. Don’t believe us? Harvard said so.

Now the question facing many businesses, especially SMEs, is how? Where on earth do they start? What’s the ‘right’ approach, or the most achievable route, or the most comprehensible strategy for them to communicate? That’s where this series starts.

What to expect:

  • Top Tips

  • Impact Resources: At the end of each article, Impact Champions are sharing useful resources, links and tips for third parties.

  • Unique Insights: We dig deeper than many news articles, blog posts or marketing campaigns go. We want to know how, not why.

  • Discount codes: The best way to support a brand’s mission is to buy their product! A cheeky discount always helps.

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So, who are Ensight?

We are innovators, start-up’s and industry disruptor’s biggest sustainability hype men: being impactful as a business shouldn’t be reserved to those with the big bucks. We are champions of small and medium sized businesses and believe that sustainability tools shouldn’t be limited to larger organisations without money constraints. 

And that’s why at Get Ensight we’ve decided to shift our business model in 2020 as we’ve watched many of our founder friends struggle to survive through Covid-19, Brexit uncertainty and climate change. Next March, we’ll be launching all of our in-house research, tools and PDFs out for FREE on our webpage. The goal here: become your go-to sustainability hub to measure, understand and get sustainable. If this sounds like it tickles your fancy, then join our mailing list here

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Quick Fire Qs with Charlie Griaud, founder of Ensight:

  • What’s your mission?

    Our mission at Get Ensight is to remove the elistim around the use of sustainability tools & consultants. It’s only those with the big bucks who can afford to get green. Get Ensight aims to demystify the sustainability space for SMEs by removing jargon, providing resources for free and as much guidance on being impactful as a business (no matter your size). 

  • Some fun businesses you’ve worked with?

    Footprinting a bunch of cool products such as eco-tampons, plant based burgers and cereal to businesses such as pubs, gyms and schools! 

  • What do you want to see happen in the next 5 years?

    Hopefully every business on this planet setting some strong sustainability goals at the core of their business strategy. If you want to be resilient in the long term and keep your spot on retailer HAVE to have a positive impact as a brand. 

  • Where will Get Ensight be in 5 years?

    A primary Sustainability Hub for SMEs in the UK with all of our research, tools and PDFs helping businesses get impactful, for free, around busy schedules and fast!

  • What’s in your Impact Resource corner?

    • Whether or not you’ve carbon footprinted your business, you can always invest in nature-based solutions with amazing companies such as Ecologi or Earthly e.g. for every product you sell, buy a tree. 

    • Getting access to the B Corp Impact Assessment is FREE. Whether or not you’re applying to B Corp it’s a great way to ask yourself the right questions as a business owner and to really get to know what you’re selling. 

    • We’re building a Sustainability Hub here at Get Ensight with a bunch of awesome tools, resources and worksheets you can work through in your own time and for free. If you want to be notified when we launch the hub, sign up here.

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